Tom Daniel and R. Thomas Daniel Roofing have been very active for many years in supporting the Capitol Hill community.

Here are some of these affiliations:

Capitol Hill Village - We are the recommended roofer of Capitol Hill Village and its members. The Village is a neighborhood nonprofit organization that aims to sustain and enrich the community of Capitol Hill residents for the long term. We have been a regular sponsor of the Annual Gala.

Capitol Hill Restoration Society - The restoration society is the leading nonprofit preservation group in Capitol Hill that works to maintain the historical integrity and appeal of Capitol Hill. We have been a Sponsor of the unique Annual House and Garden Tour for several years.

Maury Elementary School - Maury Elementary in NE is best known as a school with strong sense of community. We have been a sponsor of the school's "Maury at the Market" a silent and limited live auction located at Eastern Market's historic North Hall. Our sponsorship helps fund teacher's aids, musical instruments, chess instruction and much more.

The Hill Rag - Everyone knows the Hill Rag! The monthly community newspaper for Capitol Hill. Tom Daniel is a contributing author and advertiser and has published more than 10 articles on items of interest to Capitol Hill homeowners. Click on the News and Media section at the top of our website for all the articles.

Capitol Hill Community Foundation - Proud sponsor of The Literary Feast.

We expect to remain active and committed to community involvement in Capitol Hill for many years to come. It is a great place to live and work!